Introducing the Open Video Ads Project

Aug 24, 2010


About Open Video Ads

Update: JW7 is now available. Check it out here.

Open Video Ads is an open source initiative dedicated to the development and distribution of Flash (AS3) and HTML5 technology, that enables the implementation of IAB VAST and VPAID compliant Video Players.

Check out this live example of OVA in Action:

companion ad
will appear

Some of what we think are the most attractive features of OVA are its:

  • VAST-compliant ad server communication
  • VAST-compliant tracking of video ad performance
  • Support for a wide array of ad units
  • Flexible configuration & scheduling options
  • Overlay advertising using Images, Flash, Text or HTML
  • Playback using HTTP and RTMP protocols

The OVA plugin works with the JW Player for Flash v5JW Player for Flash v4, and Flowplayer.  If you have a custom video player use the OVA for AS3 VAST framework to turn your own video player into a IAB compliant, “advertising enabled” player.   For developers, looking for the product roadmap, or more technical help, please visit the OVA Developer Site.

Take a look for yourself, and browse the comprehensive documentation, or support community forumson Open Video Ads.