Why Upgrade to JW8?

Blog 1 min read | Oct 10, 2017 | JW Player


Stay ahead of browser updates with our newest video player, JW8


Browser updates occur once a month. If you’re using an outdated video player, your audience may run into errors the next time you try to launch content on browsers like Chrome and Safari. What this can mean for you is lost impressions, and as you head into the final financial quarter of the year, why put your advertising revenue at risk?

At JW Player, we obsess over being at the forefront of new video technology, so you can focus on creating great content and running your business. Our new release—JW8—ensures that your player stays fast, lightweight, and responsive. That’s because we’ve fixed bugs, addressed browser updates, and improved user experience to create what our CEO Dave Otten calls “the next generation solution of digital video.”

Your video website will load 30% faster on average. We’ve taken care of all the technical details—you get the world’s fastest video player at no additional cost. With greater speed and functionality, you can retain more viewers and maximize your monetization.

JW8 is available for testing in your development/sandbox environment before you officially roll out the player on your digital properties.

End Q4 strong! Update to JW8, and make sure your player continues to support your viewership and ad strategy.


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