JW Player Launches ‘Click, Shoot, Live’ Cloud-Based Enterprise-Grade Live Streaming

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Digital video leader further expands its extensive platform lineup with JW Live, a cloud-based live streaming video service, to empower publishers to develop new channels, drive revenues, and increase viewer engagement

NEW YORK – November 11, 2016 – JW Player, the world’s most popular video player and leading digital and mobile video solutions company, today launched JW Live, an “out-of-the-box” and easily integrated cloud-based live streaming service for publishers. The first truly enterprise-grade live streaming product that is as simple to use as Facebook Live and YouTube Live, JW Live is designed to empower publishers to increase viewer engagement, create new channels, and drive revenues while internally leveraging minimal technical resources.

The “Click, Shoot, Live” simplicity, quickly and easily streams live video to audiences anywhere and on any device, including web, mobile, and OTT devices. With tools seamlessly integrated into the JW Player and Platform technology stack, the live streaming platform gives audiences greater flexibility to consume video, as well as immediately increasing inventory to boost monetization for publishers.

“The ability to monetize live streaming without handing over audience or revenue streams to aggregators is new and exciting for both brands and marketers seeking more innovative ways to capture consumer time,” said Chris Mahl, president and chief revenue officer at JW Player. “JW Live provides publishers an engaging and thrilling opportunity to create, deliver, and monetize their live content.”

The heavy lifting required by version 1.0 live streaming platforms has slowed adoption as many brands and publishers have been hobbled by the complex hurdles that made it incredibly difficult and costly to implement. However, the JW Live user-friendly dashboard enables publishers to set up and begin broadcasting a live event in minutes compared to current industry standards that require extensive time and a high level of technical expertise to implement. Just Create Live Stream, enter event details, connect sources stream, and go live.

“At KelbyOne, we’re eager to begin leveraging JW LIVE in our current JW workflow. We’re most excited about the ability for JW LIVE to ingest one stream for our broadcast facility and remote locations and simultaneously stream to multiple networks like Facebook Live,” said Eric Kuna, vice president of Operations at Kelby Media Group. “This will help to eliminate a bunch of extra gear, setup and maintenance required to broadcast Live streams to multiple networks and allow us to centralize our VOD and Live video around one reliable platform that we have found in JW.”

Other features include:

Streamlines publishers’ workflow by providing a single RTMP publishing endpoints that can be simulcast anywhere, with dynamic, cloud transcoding to HLS.

Powered by real-time audience analytics, a user-friendly dashboard provides insights into their audience to determine size and engagement by domain, device or country.

Native integration with the JW Platform puts assets and management tools all in one place.

Auto-archive events as an asset so viewers can access your broadcast as an on-demand video after the event.

Transcodes publishers’ live stream to multiple resolutions and bitrates while maximizing quality up to true High-Definition.

Kevin Galligan, president of Android development and design company touchlab, recently deployed JW Live at the NYC edition of the popular global developer conference series DroidCon.

“It’s a surprisingly simple the workflow,” said Galligan. “Live streaming dashboards across online video players are complicated and clunky to use, basically limiting usage to technical users and impacting workflow. JW Player’s clean and intuitive UI unlocks live streaming to all user types and improves publisher efficiency. JW Player is also the only player in the OVP space that provides an out-of-the-box Facebook simulcast, ensuring that we have maximum reach for our content.”

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