Fitness Companies Focus on Video During Covid-19

Blog 1 min read | Jul 30, 2020 | JW Player


During the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a surge in video streaming across our network. In the early stages, video consumption went up 70% across our network and remains 30% above previous norms. As stay-at-home orders were issues across the country and businesses were focused to temporarily close, many companies have turned to digital video to connect with audiences at home. The fitness industry in particular has been greatly affected.

Many fitness studios have been forced to halt in-person classes and close, leading them to instead focus on their video strategy to reach viewers looking to workout from home. We wanted to take a closer look to see just how much more these companies were streaming online, so we pulled video streaming habits from our top fitness companies before and after the pandemic. From March through June 2020, the average weekly video streaming from our fitness clients has increased significantly to an average of 309,081 GB delivered. That’s a 289% increase and over 2X more. This leads us to believe that fitness companies must be focusing on delivering their workouts on-demand, so that viewers can continue their workout routines from home and adapt to the new norm.

For fitness brands looking to recreate the same workout experience you would have in-person, video streaming is a great way to connect to their community and make viewers feel like they can continue the workouts they enjoy from home.