Contextual Video Advertising: Calendar of Tentpole Events for 2022

Blog 3 min read | Jan 26, 2022 | JW Player


In 2021, the prevailing, cookie-based programmatic targeting solutions were challenged and new methodologies were tested, particularly contextual video advertising. As advertising dollars continue to shift into mediums beyond traditional ads, these new contextual targeting methodologies are expected to increase further this year. Marketers and advertisers looking to reach new, better audiences, can utilize contextual advertising for video through ad tech companies such as JW Player.

JW Player’s Ad Demand team is one of the fastest growing teams dedicated to contextual video advertising. As contextual advertising continues to grow among video advertisers, it’s more important than ever to adopt this new targeting strategy. JW Player’s Ad Demand team help brands, including Mars/Mediacom, achieve goals in ad viewability and brand safety ahead of other traditional ad methods.

If you’re interested in exploring contextual video advertising in 2022, consider campaigns around key tentpole events. Traditionally, these tentpole marketing events provide increased visibility for brands that want to be actively engaged with major news and lifestyle stories.

Calendar of Key Tentpole Events for Advertisers in 2022

Holidays & Events in Q1 2022 (January, February, March)

With the beginning of the year come traditional stories and events around New Year’s resolutions, fitness & weight loss goals, and other lifestyle milestones. It’s also the season for major sporting events such as the Superbowl, March Madness, and the Winter Olympics. Black History Month in February and Women’s History Month in March are also key calendar events to be aware of.



Holidays & Events in Q2 2022 (April, May, June)

The spring season features a number of unique tentpole events & global, seasonal holidays. Lifestyle days of recognition such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, as well as commercial holidays such as Memorial Day, Easter, Prime Day, graduation events, and to a degree, even Pride Month, make this a busy season for advertisers. With contextual targeting, these segments can reach potentially millions of impressions.

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Holidays & Events in Q3 2021 (July, August, September)

The summer season sees some reduced web & e-commerce traffic, but thankfully several major tentpole events such as the 4th of July, Amazon Prime Day, and the back-to-school sales around Labor Day bring opportunities for advertising. Just as in 2021, there’s an expected increase in interest around travel/tourism topics as the travel industry continues to bounce back since the beginning of the pandemic.



Holidays & Events in Q4 2021 (October, November, December)

During Q4 months at the end of the year, online advertising ramps up for the holiday season. The season is an important time for advertisers and with contextual targeting strategies, it’s possible to strategically optimize campaigns for brand safety and ad viewability. Holiday video ad strategies are included in this JW Player industry report.



Learn more about JW Player Ad Targeting

For more information on ad targeting and strategies to optimize your campaigns, reach out to JW Player’s Ad Demand team at JW Player’s ad technology utilizes the world’s leading contextual ad buyers by measuring top ad requests for particular segments & categories. JW Player is able to apply segmentation that identifies the content of videos served across the JW Player network based on: classification, transcription and semantics data, and image recognition data to achieve best-of industry results.

Read a recent case study from Mediacom/MARS identifying JW Player as the #1 top performer for Purchase Data Results for a CPG ad campaign.