5 Benefits of Live Streaming Your Retail & Ecommerce Content Online

Blog 5 min read | Jul 15, 2021 | JW Player


As live streaming increases in popularity, companies and brands of all shapes and sizes have worked to find successful ways to utilize video. Whether it’s by setting up fashion retailer live streams or showcasing products through video, many global brands have found success with video online.

Retail live streaming services, like JW Player, are prepared for the rise in video consumption and live streaming for e-commerce brands. As shoppers migrate away from physical stores and onto digital shopping platforms, there are countless opportunities to better engage with your customers.

With an affordable live stream player, it’s possible to stream your launch events, product demos, how-to videos, or exclusive behind-the-scenes content provides a direct way to reach a larger, more engaged audience beyond your storefront. It’s an incredible opportunity to showcase products in action and exclusive on-demand content to shoppers without the overhead costs.

retail live streaming for e-commerce

According to JW Player data, digital publishers saw a 25% increase in video plays related to hobbies and interests such as shopping during 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic grounded in-store shopping, retail brands had to adapt quickly to offer the same kind of in-store shopping experience but in an online environment.

Retail brands have found video to be a successful way of selling products online. With a customizable video player for retail brands, it’s possible to deepen customer engagement, increase sales, and better know your audience.

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5 Benefits of Live Streaming Your Retail & Ecommerce Content Online

1. Extend the retail experience online 

Premium in-store shopping experiences are often most successful with superior customer service, optimized retail store design for sales, and immersive & engaging experiences. With a live stream player, online retailers can achieve the same level of customer experience in a digital environment.

Live streaming allows retailers to inspire customers in the same way as in-store with a humanized experience online. By saving the customer’s time and allowing for minimal clicks to enjoy the shopping experience, retail live streams can showcase products based on the customer’s interest and engagement.

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2. Reach a global audience

The technology JW Player uses allows for TV-quality online streaming to be played at scale. By transitioning from in-store to online with a virtual shop, it’s possible to reach more people than ever. JW Player’s multi-CDN approach with POPs in 130+ countries means reliable delivery to any region, with 99.99% global delivery uptime.

In 2020, US adults spent an average of 7 hours, 50 minutes (7:50) per day consuming digital media, a 15% increase from 2019. Of that time using digital devices, US adults consumed 2.2 hours per day of just digital video content (source). If you’re not making your products available online in video format, you’re missing out on a growing audience segment.

3. Control the user experience

As any retailer knows, customer service is often the key to success. Luxury retail companies and brands which offer bespoke in-store experiences, such as Tag Heuer, have become synonymous with unparalleled attention to detail and excellent customer service. In a virtual, online environment, retailers need to ensure that the user experience online is as seamless and easy to follow as it might be in-person. With JW Player’s retail video solution, brands can deliver compelling viewing experiences across screens without disruption.

Deliver buffer-free, error-free playback with the fastest HTML5 Player on the web for state-of-the-art viewing on desktop and mobile web. Plus quickly and easily deploy videos to your iOS & Android applications with our mobile SDKs or OTT Apps solution as needed. Customizable branding, accessibility support, and thumbnails can help online retailers offer best-in-class video viewing experiences to attract and retain customers.

4. Use live streams to increase engagement

Providing your online customers with both live and on-demand videos improves long-term engagement and keeps your brand top-of-mind. With JW Player’s award-winning Live Player, it’s easy to integrate a live video solution into existing workflows via a user-friendly dashboard for non-technical users, or developer-focused API access for more customization.

Live streams can be launched instantly in less than 30 seconds with replays available in under a minute to provide the best experience for all viewers. Live streams for retailers could feature:

  • Exclusive product launch events
  • Product demos and showcases (i.e., fashion shows)
  • Special marketing events with celebrities & influencers

5. Better know your customers with detailed analytics

With an owned-and-operated video solution, retailers are able to dive into unparalleled real-time insights. The more you know, the easier it is to understand your community engagement and their specific, shoppable interests. Leverage analytics to build better products and services and to motivate viewers at potential drop-off points.

Being able to access real-time analytics across desktop, mobile web, and even mobile & OTT apps, it’s possible for retailers to adapt according to usage. With custom reports including views by player ID and playlist ID, retailers can access unique insights on customers you’re not normally able to get from third party video analytics providers.

Is live streaming the future of retail? Video has already become a respected way to sell products and services online, and as video consumption continues to grow, retailers and ecommerce brands can get ahead of the curve. Online shopping is here to stay and making the shift to a video-first strategy is easier than expected. 

JW Player pioneered video on the web over a decade ago and continues to innovate as the world’s largest network-independent platform for video delivery and intelligence. We’ve got the tools you need to deliver bespoke, luxury shopping in an increasingly digital world.

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