The Case for Video Metadata

Blog 2 min read | May 9, 2018 | JW Player


Understanding your video content is essential for improving content strategy, engagement, and monetization

You did it—you’ve spent substantial time and resources to create the perfect, attention-grabbing video. Now the question is: How do you get as much mileage out of it as possible? Well, as the yogis would say, turn the gaze inward.

Metadata, the “data about data” that describes what your video is about, is a key component of a successful video business. If you want a more streamlined editorial process, greater viewer engagement, and better ROI, make sure you have an excellent understanding of your video content.


Creating accurate descriptions of your videos is the foundation of strong search rankings that help viewers discover your content. The benefits, though, go beyond search.


Increases Editorial Efficiency

Metadata not only gives editors an easy way to locate their videos, but it also allows them to repurpose particular segments.

In the example below, timed metadata parses out particular video portions into seconds of footage. It then organizes them by tags and narration (in plain text) specific to each segment. This method zeroes in on the exact parts of a video that an editor may want to reuse or identify, saving time as well as resources from what can be a manual editorial process.



Boosts Viewer Engagement

The better the metadata, the better you can deliver more personalized and targeted videos to your audience. To extend your video’s reach, create descriptive metadata that matches the video with similar content. Our JW Recommendations engine uses metadata in determining what kind of related content to surface.

Metadata isn’t only text-based. Previews are a great way to tell viewers quickly what they can expect to watch. Similarly, a good poster image or a teaser clip makes your videos more enticing and boosts views.


Strengthens Monetization Opportunities

Excellent video metadata also helps advertisers figure out where to place their ads. When marketers know the content of your videos, they can tailor their ad strategies to the distinct audiences who are watching. What emerges is a more granular and accurate picture of who their ads reach and where these viewers engage. By reinforcing brand safety, metadata fosters more effective ad campaigns and, for you as a publisher, greater ROI.


Enter Metadata in the JW Dashboard

Metadata is the first tab you see when you click on videos listed in your upload queue. You can add tags, write a description, set publish start/end dates, and fill in a number of other fields to populate information about your video.



It’s expensive to produce a good video, so it’s important to give it legs. Metadata allows that video to attract more viewers, save more editorial resources, and make more money. When it comes to increasing engagement, dig into the core of what the video’s about.


To learn more about enhancing your videos with metadata, schedule time to talk with a video expert.


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