Tackling Viewability with JW Player’s Floating Player

Blog 2 min read | May 14, 2019 | JW Player


Increase Audience Engagement and Monetize with JW’s Viewability Enhancement Features

Viewability has become the industry standard for publishers and advertisers to measure user engagement. So, what does viewability mean and how can you ensure your videos are viewable without interfering with user experience?

By IAB standards, a video player is defined as viewable when it’s at least 50% in view on the screen for greater than two seconds. JW Player’s latest release, JW 8.8, includes multiple features that increase viewability.

Our newest feature, floating player, ensures nearly 100% viewability during playback. When a viewer scrolls the player out of view, it minimizes to the bottom right corner of the window (and to the top of the window on mobile devices). Audiences viewing pages with video content and articles that complement each other can easily engage with both as they scroll.  In the event that the user decides not to continue watching, the floating player is easily dismissed back to its original position, ensuring a great user experience.

JW Player customers have already seen great results with viewability using our floating player. Love Stories TV, Fast Company, and Gateway Blend saw an overall 5% average increase in viewable watch time, a 9% average increase in viewable plays, and a 13% average increase in viewable ad impressions!

Another feature released in JW 8.8 that enhances viewability is auto pause, which is a complement to the autostart: viewable setting. Sometimes, viewers open many tabs in the browser, leaving videos to continue playing unwatched in the background, wasting bandwidth and lowering ad impression rates.

With auto pause, when the player is out of view, the video will automatically be paused. To make sure ad complete rates are not compromised, auto pause always waits for any ad to complete before auto pausing the player. Once the player comes back into view, it will automatically unpause.

By enabling this feature, you can ensure that a video is viewable the entire time it’s played. Save on bandwidth limits as well when a video is paused that is not in view!

Establishing viewability is an industry challenge, which is why there are many opportunities to monetize on inventory that is confirmed as viewable. So, take advantage of the opportunities to monetize and engage your audiences in this JW release. Floating Player and Auto Pause can be easily turned on for any cloud hosted player through a simple checkbox via your dashboard! For any questions, please reach out to your account manager.