JW Player 5.8 Released with Support for HTML5 Video Ads

Blog 2 min read | Oct 18, 2011 | JW Player


Update: JW7 is now released. Check it out here.

This release of the JW Player 5.8 focuses heavily on stability HTML5 playback and secure plugin loading. The major addition is support for HTML5 video advertising for Google DFP and YuMe users. Read more to find out what’s new.

Ads in HTML5 Mode

JW Player 5.8 introduces support for HTML5 video advertising. Users of the JW Player have become accustomed to providing a consistent user experience independent of the browser or device of their viewers, but until now the player didn’t offer HTML5 video advertising support. With JW Player 5.8, we now enable HTML5 video ad support for both Google DFP and YuMe publishers – allowing users to run video and companion ads on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad). Check them out: Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) & YuMe.

Increased Stability in HTML5 Mode

With the release of JW5.8, we took the opportunity to focus on video playback in HTML5 mode. Thanks to all the feedback you have given us, we’ve been able isolate the outstanding issues, and greatly improve the stability in HTML5 mode. We are always working to seamlessly integrate Flash and HTML5 modes, so please keep the feedback coming. For a detailed list of specific HTML5 improvements, see our developer site.

Secure Plugin Loading

If you manage a secure website, then you are probably familiar with the mixed content security warnings generated by browsers, particularly IE, when embedding the JW Player on a secure page. This was due to the fact that the JW Player always loaded its plugins over HTTP. JW Player 5.8 now detects if it is running on a secure page and loads its plugins over HTTP or HTTPS accordingly. Publishers embedding on Facebook should find this particularly helpful!

Download the JW Player 5.8

You can download the JW Player 5.8 for Flash and HTML5 here. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on the release. Just post your comments directly to this blog.

For a complete list of the tickets addressed in JW Player 5.8, please visit our developer site.