JW8: Launched!

Blog 1 min read | Oct 18, 2017 | JW Player


We’re thrilled to release the next generation of our video player, JW8.

For all the latest coverage on this update, check out our resources.

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Why Upgrade to JW8?

Once again, we’d like to stress that keeping your video software up-to-date is important.

One of the most exciting aspects of working with internet technologies is how fast they change and evolve to fit market needs. While the fundamental infrastructure for online video remains stable, the entry point for all viewers-—the web browser itself-—is always updating. For instance, the world’s most-used browser, Google Chrome, updates every six weeks.

This regular cadence means that if you are using an older version of video software, your audience may run into errors the next time they try to watch content. This negative user experience lowers retention and ultimately reduces advertising revenue generated by online video.

You can easily create a new player that runs JW8 and test it out in your development/sandbox environment.To date, JW8 has seen more than 100 million plays across the world and is ready for your content and viewers.

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