Unlock Personalized Streaming With Identity Management Profiles

Blog 2 min read | Dec 1, 2023 | JW Player


User journey and personalization have taken center stage in today’s OTT scene. As the demand for personalized content grows, the need for streamlined and tailored viewing experiences becomes increasingly vital.

This is where JW Player’s latest feature comes into play. Introducing Identity Management Profiles—a new, essential tool for an overall broadcasting experience.

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What are Identity Management Profiles?

The Identity Management Profiles allow multiple users to create individual profiles within a single account. 

Upon account creation, viewers can select their preferred profile for watching content. Similar to some of the most popular streaming platforms’ multi-profile features, each profile is personalized to reflect the preferences, watch history, and content recommendations specific to that user.

Benefits of Identity Management Profiles

JW Player’s latest feature offers a range of advantages that cater to individual preferences:

  • Personalization: Each user gets a tailored experience based on their preferences, watch history, and content recommendations. Therefore, you can enhance user satisfaction and engagement by delivering content that aligns with individual tastes.
  • Family-friendly: Multiple profiles are ideal for households with diverse content preferences. Parents to set up profiles for children with age-appropriate content restrictions. It ensures a safe and controlled viewing experience for younger audiences.
  • Privacy and security: Individual profiles provide a secure space for each user within a shared account. It prevents mix-ups in watch history, preferences, and recommendations between different users accessing the same platform.
  • Workplace and educational benefits: In professional settings, multi-profiles aid in maintaining focus and productivity by allowing users to maintain their content preferences and history, fostering an uninterrupted workflow.

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Enabling the multi-profile feature will upgrade your user experience by having tailored content. To explore how this innovative feature can elevate your platform and engage your audience further, contact us today and begin your journey of personalized streaming experiences.