JW Player Expands Advertising Support For Mobile

Blog 2 min read | Jun 17, 2013 | JW Player


We are happy to announce today that we have expanded advertising support for mobile within the JW Player. The JW Player now enables the delivery of VAST-compliant, pre-roll advertising into smartphone and tablet devices, giving publishers increased opportunities to monetize their fast-growing mobile audiences.  In addition, the JW Player includes an enhanced version of its advanced Advertising API which allows publishers to monetize live streaming events and to control ad scheduling across multiple networks.  Together, these features help to further expand our leadership position in supporting the ad ecosystem, across both mobile and Web.

We recognized long ago that mobile devices would be important drivers of video consumption, and as a result, we made aggressive investments to ensure that the JW Player can playback in such environments. Our announcement today is the next step in our mobile story.  As more people consume video on their smartphone or tablets, publishers need tools to help them easily and efficiently monetize those audiences.  This latest release of the JW Player helps to fill that gap for publishers.

This update also includes the following enhancements:

Support for VAST in Mobile Environments. JW Player publishers can deliver VAST-compliant linear and companion ads on iPad, iPhone, and Android 4+ devices, dramatically expanding publishers’ ability to monetize their audiences across devices.

JavaScript API for Advertising. The JW Player’s new advertising API supports a host of advanced setups, including the monetization of live events, the management of ad schedules across multiple ad networks and the verification of ad impressions, clicks, and progress tracking.  Through the new Ads API, publishers can work with multiple ad partners to ensure that every stream is monetized in the optimal way. Click to read official press release here.

To see detailed live examples of all the features JW Player Ads has to offer please click on the links below:


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