Farewell to the cloud-hosted JW Player 6 and say hello to JW Platform Delivery API V2!

Blog 2 min read | Jun 5, 2017 | JW Player


Better Delivery through API Science

Building great toolsets to deliver videos seamlessly and at scale is one of the core missions of JW Player. We are excited to announce that customers on JW Platform can now use our new V2 Delivery API endpoints. The V2 endpoints are up to 10x faster, support pagination & poster width selection, and provide easy solutions for building JW Recommendations into any application or publishing workflow.

Our V2 endpoints are built on a new technology platform that allows us to quickly roll out new features and support even more customers at high availability. Developers will love our Interactive Delivery API Reference which makes it easy to try out all the new features of /v2/media & /v2/playlists.


JW Player 6: So long, and thanks for all the Flash!

It’s been 4+ years since we introduced JW Player 6 to the video tech industry, and it has delivered ~25 billion hours of video content over that lifespan! A lot has changed in the video tech industry since we introduced JW Player 6, but the biggest shift by far is the approaching end of widespread browser support for Adobe’s Flash plugin.

To prepare for that eventuality, we have built JW Player 7 with HTML5 top of mind. To ensure customers using cloud-hosted players can support viewers with seamless playback experiences, we have begun to migrate all JW Player 6 cloud hosted players to JW Player 7. After June 12, 2017 JW Player 6 will not be available as a cloud hosted player.

Migration to the V2 Delivery API endpoints

We are also announcing the migration of all JW Platform playlist & media delivery traffic from older endpoints to our JW Platform V2 Delivery API. This ensures customers & viewers will have the best experience possible from JW Platform.

The schedule for this transition will be:

/jw6 & /related6: All traffic must be migrated off these non-public endpoints by June 30, 2017. Both endpoints will be deprecated on July 1, 2017.

/feeds: An end of life date for this endpoint will be announced in the second half of 2017.

New JW Platform features will only be available on /v2/media & /v2/playlists so be sure to migrate to get media source selection (Q3 2017), better business rules for playlists (including exclude), and much more!