Announcing JW Player SDK for iOS

Blog 2 min read | Mar 31, 2015 | JW Player


Today we are releasing the first version of our JW Player SDK for iOS. This software developer kit (SDK) enables publishers to easily build the JW Player video playback and advertising features they love directly into native iOS apps.

This announcement follows closely on the release of our JW Player SDK for Android in January and is the next step in our native mobile product strategy. According to Nielsen, 89% of the time consumers spend on media is through mobile apps, as compared to 11% through mobile web browsers. JW Player is committed to delivering the tools that our customers need to reach these users as their media preferences shift away from the mobile web to native apps.

Any App, Any CDN, Any Ad Server, with YOUR Branding

You can use the JW Player SDK to add video playback and advertising functionality to virtually any iOS app. For example, you can include curated video content in a lifestyle or instructional app, add encrypted live TV streams to a broadcast news app, extend a music app with live radio streaming, or monetize games with video advertising. You can do all of this while retaining full control over the user experience of your app, as well as your in-app branding.

Apps built with the SDK will integrate with our JW Platform video hosting, streaming, and analytics services. However, unlike many other SDK offerings, we do not require you to use our platform services; you can use the JW Player SDK for iOS with video content that is hosted anywhere you want.

Key Features

  • Adaptive HLS video streams for optimal bandwidth efficiency on any network
  • Video resolutions up to 1080p HD
  • Live and on-demand media streaming
  • VAST pre, mid, and post roll advertising, with skippable ad units
  • AES encryption for HLS content protection
  • Progressive download MP4 (single/multi-rate)
  • User-selectable and API-controllable playback quality
  • Audio-only streams (AAC, MP3, HLS audio)
  • Customizable video player controls with full screen mode
  • Video playback and ad impression analytics APIs
  • Configurable poster image for video player
  • Portrait and landscape mode streaming w/ device rotation
  • Delivered as an iOS Framework for easy integration
  • Tested on iOS 7.1.2 and 8.1.1 on popular devices
  • Includes a basic sample app in Objective C and Swift with XCode project to get you started

Licensing Info

The JW Player SDK for iOS is licensed under an annual contract with a monthly subscription fee. For more information and pricing on the SDK contact us.