WHOISJW: Free To Watch Documentary

Blog 1 min read | Apr 2, 2013 | JW Player


We’re pleased to hear the documentary about Jeroen and the JW Player is now free to watch! Here’s the announcement from its creators, PictureThis.tv:

WHOISJW? The Best Kept Secret Online

A Source of Inspiration for Ambitious Young People

WHOISJW? is a documentary about a very talented and successful young entrepreneur from Holland: Jeroen Wijering. What started as a simple educational project from a Dutch Design Academy Student rapidly turned out into a web phenomenon; the JW Player.

Nowadays his brainchild is used by millions of people to watch videos on the internet without them even realizing it. Many prestigious websites like Disney, Harvard, IMDB, Intel, NASA en The White House use his JW Player. Even YouTube ran on the JW Player in the first year of their existence.

WHOISJW? is made by PictureThis.tv, a video production company from The Netherlands. Director Eelco Romeijn and Producer Marco van der Ploeg see the story behind Jeroen Wijering and his JW Player as a unique story that needs to be told. They invested in creating this documentary as independent filmmakers and followed Jeroen Wijering for over two years in The Netherlands and in the U.S.A. before finalizing it.

Watch the trailer for WHOISJW? here.