Geo-Blocking on JW Platform

Blog 1 min read | Jun 18, 2015 | JW Player



JW Player now offers geographic content restriction (geo-blocking) for videos hosted on JW Platform. This allows JW Platform users to control where their content is accessible. Users can choose to allow only a specific list of countries or to block a list of countries and allow all others.

Available today to JW Platform users with an Enterprise License

This feature is automatically available to JW Platform users that opted for an Enterprise License. Until you choose a different setting, your content will be available globally.

Configure your entire library in only five clicks

Under Settings > Protection, just pick a type of blocking (allow or block certain countries), choose a list of countries and save. All of your videos, playlists, and single line embeds will only serve content to the countries you choose. There is no coding or rework required on your site.

Greg Twohig,

Product Manager for Media Services

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