Joomlarulez: Integrate the JW Player with Your Joomla CMS

Blog 2 min read | Nov 15, 2010 | JW Player


Update: JW7 is now available. Check it out the skins here.

Joomlarulez has developed unique ways to integrate the JW Player for Flash into your Joomla CMS. Joomlarulez, a team based in France, develops specific extensions of the Joomla Platform to enhance user experience. We partner with Joomlarulez to host three options for JW Player integration into your Joomla Platform:

The JW Player Module (for Joomla) – which allows you to load the JW FLV Media Player on any specified post or page, and show audio/video playlists. In addition, it is ideal for someone who wants to share videos on their site, in a static location. You can choose the module position within the Joomla Template and designate where the JW FLV Media Player will sit. You can also create posts/pages within your site that publish the player as a stand-alone.

The CB Player Advanced Module (for Joomla) – which allows you to integrate the JW Player into your community site. It requires the Joomla Community Builder within your Joomla CMS, and permits your users to upload and embed videos within the community site. For example, with this module you can grant community site users the permission to create and display their own audio and video playlists within the site.

JW Player Plugin Advanced (for Joomla) – is our third and newest option. It is a JW Player integration method for Joomla 1.5 Native.  It is used to display specific audio and video playlists within a article, and works directly with Joomla’s Article Management System. For example, this plugin enables the ability to insert a the JW FLV Media Player into a blog post or article.

All of the Joomlarulez products support existing JW Player plugins (and associated flashvars). All flashvars/parameters are set by using the backend settings, activated by a simple radio button within your account settings. The Joomlarulez products integrate easily with various video Ad plugins such as Adtonomy Text & Video, LongTail’s AdSolution, and Open Video Ads. Other popular plugin integrations include Viral, Sharing, The Grid, and Google Analytics Pro. Along with the easy plugin integration, when using the Joomlarulez modules to integrate the JW Player into your Joomla CMS, 95 skin options are provided for optimal player customization.

Other Key Features Include:

  • Support for the JW Player 5.3 for Flash and HTML5.
  • Video Ad serving, including IAB VAST-compliant Ads.
  • Playlist support using the following: dynamic playlists editor, dynamic auto-generate playlists editor, multiple playlist selector.
  • Support for pop-ups using the JWBox or Highslide is built-in to the platform.
  • Player customization options using JW Player skins and plugins.

As an official reseller of Bits On The Run, Joomlarulez provides its users with all the features of our online video streaming and management platform. Try out one of our recommended Joomlarulez products today! Find all of the available options discussed above, in our AddOns Library.