Best Monetization Strategies for Live Broadcasters: Subscriptions & Memberships

Blog 3 min read | Jan 25, 2024 | Martina Georgievska


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Broadcasters are rewriting the content monetization narrative by adopting subscription and membership based models. This shift is not only about boosting revenue, but also providing an improved viewer experience that broadcasters can leverage to engage their audiences.

Subscription-based monetization

The subscription-based video monetization model (SVOD) requires viewers to pay a continuous fee to unlock streamable video content.

Traditionally, broadcasters relied on advertising revenue as their primary source of income. However, the rise of ad-blockers and the increasing demand for ad-free content have prompted a shift towards subscription-based models. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ have paved the way for broadcasters to explore this lucrative avenue.

Namely, subscriptions offer broadcasters a predictable and steady income stream, reducing dependence on fluctuating ad revenues. By providing exclusive content and an ad-free viewing experience, broadcasters can entice viewers to subscribe, creating a sense of value for their audience.

Benefits of subscriptions for broadcasters

  • Stable revenue stream: Subscriptions provide a reliable source of income, allowing broadcasters to plan and invest in high-quality content without the uncertainties associated with ad-based models.
  • Audience loyalty: Subscribers are more likely to be dedicated fans who are invested in the content and the brand. This loyalty can lead to long-term relationships, increased engagement, and positive word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Data insights: Subscriptions offer valuable data insights into viewer preferences, consumption habits, and demographics. This information enables broadcasters to tailor content and marketing strategies to better meet their audience’s needs.

Membership-based monetization

Beyond subscriptions, membership models take monetization a step further by creating a sense of community and exclusivity. Broadcasters can offer tiered memberships with varying benefits such as early access to content, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and members-only events.

Benefits of memberships for broadcasters

  • Community engagement: Memberships foster a sense of belonging and exclusivity, encouraging community engagement. Broadcasters can create forums, live chats, and other interactive platforms to connect with members, building a stronger relationship.
  • Diversified revenue streams: Membership models often include additional revenue streams, such as merchandise sales, event tickets, or virtual meet-and-greets. This diversification further secures a broadcaster’s financial stability.
  • Personalization: Tailoring membership tiers to different audience segments allows broadcasters to offer personalized experiences. Members can choose the level of engagement that suits their preferences and budget, enhancing the overall user experience.

JWP’s subscription and payment solutions

With options like SVOD and seasonal access, JWP caters to diverse viewer preferences.

JWP’s global authentication and payment processing capabilities ensure a seamless entry into international markets. The platform supports multi-language interfaces, multi-currency transactions, and geo-pricing options. Additionally, JWP’s PCI DSS 4.0 certification guarantees secure and compliant payment processing.

What’s more, the platform’s customizable experiences extend to branding, offering a choice between a white-label theme or a prebuilt paywall preview. JWP facilitates a smooth viewer journey by providing multiple payment options and allowing broadcasters to tailor notifications.

When it comes to subscription management, broadcasters can control the entire customer lifecycle. JWP’s intuitive interface allows for efficient subscription management, customer journey design, and data collection for actionable insights. Furthermore, JWP enables secure transaction tracking, implementing concurrency limits, domain-based content restrictions, geo-location controls, and age restrictions.

In summary, JWP is a valuable partner for broadcasters looking to optimize monetization through flexible subscription models and seamless payment processing, while also enhancing viewer engagement with personalized experiences and identity management.


Overall, both subscription-based and membership-based monetization models offer a unique set of benefits that will equip broadcasters for success. Hopefully this article helped you make a better informed decision about which model is right for you.