Infobae Quickly Boosted Video Views and Opened Up Ad Inventory with JWP

Infobae needed a video partner that could keep pace with their rapidly growing platform, improve operational efficiency and open up new monetization opportunities.

The Results

JWP was more than up for the challenge of being the reliable video partner Infobae was seeking.
100 % Increase in Video Plays
2 X Video Inventory Growth
91 % Growth in Ad Requests

To better serve their rapidly growing global audience and achieve their primary goal of increasing views and ad revenue, Infobae sought a video player that was scalable, reliable and customizable.

They had a goal of enhancing their online video experience by optimizing performance, improving the user experience and increasing operational efficiency for managing their video content.

The goal was to accomplish all of this while maximizing monetization opportunities.

That’s where JWP comes in.

With JWP’s guidance and support Infobae implemented the VOD player and the Recommendations engine.

Infobae also relied on the flexibility JWP provides for player customization, in addition to monetizing video content through preroll and midroll ads.

In just one year, Infobae successfully doubled their video inventory driving 91% growth in ad requests which is driving view through rates and overall impression growth.

The image shows the "infobae" logo in white text on an orange background, reminiscent of some compelling Case Studies in branding.

"At Infobae we highly value video content, since it is one of the most effective ways to reach our audience. JWP accompanied us in a year of exponential growth, helping us to boost our inventory thanks to recommendations and the different customization possibilities of the players and playlists."

Romina Stekar | Director, Commercial | Infobae

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