Introducing JW Showcase for the Web

Blog 3 min read | Jun 29, 2016 | JW Player


Today we’re excited to launch JW Showcase, our new video web app builder. JW Showcase makes it easy for anyone to create a video website without writing a single line of code. To see it in action, check out our Demo site.

Here are the feature highlights of JW Showcase:

Requires no software development skills. Simply copy the JW Showcase files to your web server, edit a single text file to specify your branding assets, JW Player ID and JW Platform playlist IDs, and your video content magically appears in a professionally designed “shelf” page layout that puts your video content front and center.

Works seamlessly with JW Player and JW Platform services. Our HTML5 video player, combined with our hosting and streaming services, deliver a great user experience, high-performance video delivery and easy management of your video assets in JW Dashboard.

Can be branded with your own custom header logo, background color and footer text.

Free and open-source. We provide precompiled builds of the software that work out of the box, but if you **do** have coding skills, you can modify the source code to suit your needs. And of course we always welcome contributions!

Works with any JW Player edition, from Free to Enterprise. Note that usage will count against your monthly JW streaming limits.

Includes two default themes, “Light” or “Dark.” You can tweak our themes or create your own themes by modifying the JW Showcase CSS files.

Enables you to add custom HTML meta tags. Custom “description” and “title” tags can improve your site’s search engine discovery.

Can be implemented as a standalone website or added as a section of your existing website. For example,

Beautiful, Responsive and Ready for Mobile

Across the millions of website that use JW Player, over 50% of video plays are on mobile devices, so JW Showcase is optimized for mobile with a fully responsive HTML5 layout and HLS adaptive bitrate streaming. Your Showcase site will look great and be easy for users to navigate on any screen, from tiny phones to jumbo desktop displays. For example, the screenshots below were taken from the same JW Showcase website (which I created in 15 minutes). The image on the left is JW Showcase in a desktop browser; the right is exactly the same page on a mobile phone. Responsive design magic!

Coming Soon

In the coming months, we plan to add features such as support for signed URLs, deep video search, data-driven recommendations and more to JW Showcase to make it integrate even better with JW Platform.

We will also integrate JW Showcase directly into JW Dashboard, enabling you to create rich video websites with just a few mouse clicks. You will be able to have your sites hosted by JW Player or create DNS masks to serve them from your own domain.

We want JW Showcase to evolve quickly but stay focused on only adding features that are most important to our publishers. If there’s a feature you need, create a new issue in the JW Showcase Github repo.

Getting Started with JW Showcase

Create your own JW Showcase site today! See the JW Showcase “Getting Started” section of the JW Showcase Github Wiki for instructions.

John Luther is SVP of Product Strategy at JW Player.