Announcing the General Release of the JW Player SDK for Android

Blog 3 min read | Feb 2, 2015 | JW Player


We’re pleased to announce the general availability release of our JW Player SDK for Android. This software developer kit (SDK) enables publishers to easily build JW Player video and advertising features they love into native Android apps.

Cisco predicts that by 2018, two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video content. According to ComScore, 47% of Internet traffic is attributed to mobile apps (more than desktop browsers) and the average mobile consumer spends 86% of their time using mobile apps instead of mobile browsers.

The JW Player SDK for Android opens this fast-growing world of native mobile apps to the community of over two million web sites that use JW Player. At the same time, this SDK empowers publishers new to JW Player to include video and audio streaming in their native Android apps.

This is our first SDK for devices and we have more coming, such as our JW Player SDK for iOS, which is currently in private Beta. Also, with our addition last year of Google Chromecast support for our desktop players, we are delivering broader device coverage for publishers to expand their audiences and increase monetization on traditional TV screens. We have a similar goal with all of our SDKs: to provide publishers with more opportunities for delivering video content and ads to phones, tablets, OTT boxes, TVs and other devices.

Any App, Any CDN, Any Ad Server, YOUR Branding

You can use the JW Player SDK for Android to add video viewing and advertising functionality to any kind of Android app. For example, you can include curated video content in a lifestyle or instructional app, add encrypted live TV streams to a broadcast news app, extend a music app with live radio streaming, or monetize games with lucrative video advertising. In addition, you retain full control over the user experience of your app, as well as your in-app branding.

Apps built with the SDK will integrate with our JW Platform video hosting, streaming, and analytics services. However, unlike many other SDK offerings, we do not require you to use our platform services; you can use the JW Player SDK for Android with video content that is hosted anywhere you want.

Key Features

Adaptive HLS video streams for bandwidth efficiency

Small screen up to 1080p HD resolutions

Live and on-demand media streaming

VAST pre, mid, and post roll advertising, with skippable ad units

AES encryption for HLS content protection

Progressive download MP4 (single/multi-rate)

User-selectable and API-controllable playback quality

Audio-only streams (AAC, MP3, HLS audio)

Customizable video player controls with full screen mode

Video playback and ad impression analytics APIs

Configurable poster image for video player

Portrait and landscape mode streaming w/phone rotation

Android Library Project (.aar), plus demo app and sample code

Tested on Android 4.1 and higher on popular devices

More Info

The JW Player SDK for Android will be licensed under an annual contract with a monthly subscription fee. For more information and pricing on the SDK contact us.

To learn more about building great video apps with the JW Player SDK for Android, join us for a webinar on Wednesday, February 4th at 12:00 pm Eastern US time by registering online. We look forward to working with developers to build the next generation of awesome Android apps with streaming media.