World’s Ultimate Strongman 2019

As production costs reduce and streaming technology enables new commercial models the fans of new and niche sports are benefiting from improved content offerings and access to the events, tournaments and athletes that matter to them most.

The more accessible these sports become, the more empowered the fan base feels. Content owners also benefit by building brand visibility and revenue streams; often using pay-per-view and subscription tools to achieve this. Fans in every corner of the world have means to see the action live, as it happens, giving these niche properties the perfect platform to grow their audience and own the relationship (and subscription) with their digital fans directly.

InPlayer were delighted to recently work with the team at World’s Ultimate Strongman 2019 to support their first pay per view event. 


World’s Ultimate Strongman 2019 was an action-packed event that took place on the 25th October at The Meydan Grandstand, Dubai. The strongmen competed across gruelling tests of speed, strength and endurance for the world title and the $152,000 USD prize money.


WUS benefitted from InPlayer’s advanced monetization and subscriber management platform that provided a simplified, scalable, and flexible way to take their digital content to the global audience. 

The passionate fanbase were able to view the competition via a ticketed live stream. The Deadlift and Main Show were both priced at $1.49 for presale rising to $1.99 on the event day itself. There was also a one years subscription offer for $7.99 which included both of the above, The Middle East Strongest Man/Woman in December and more exclusive WUS shows for a variety of sports and disciplines coming in 2020. 

WUS were delighted with the take up for their first PPV event, both from a revenue perspective and also the number of users that converted from registration through to payment, this stood at an impressive conversion rate of 87%. 


“Pay Per View being a completely improvised and last minute revenue idea for us we didn’t know the whats and hows. All we knew was that we had less than 2 weeks to make it happen! We cannot begin to explain how amazingly helpful, efficient and “on the ball” the InPlayer team was especially our dedicated account manager who on many occasions went out of her way to help and answer our silly questions! Let’s just say she is worth all the strongmen’s weight in gold.

Inplayer’s seamless process from A to Z made our lives easy, cut the learning curve and saved us tons in man hours….not to mention the unbeatable support service. This is just the beginning for us with InPlayer and we are already planning our next two sporting event PPVs” Don Idrees Co-Owner World’s Ultimate Strongman Ltd.

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