Empowering Our Publishers with a New Dashboard

Jul 21, 2015


If you are not purely a JW Player API user, you are managing your JW Player experience using our publisher dashboard.  Our latest version of the dashboard has been completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up, using a modern technology stack that allows us to create an excellent experience for our users.

At JW Player, we’re all about speed (did you see that our latest JW Player Android SDK version is 5x faster for HLS video startup?).  Our new dashboard has been written using AngularJS, a Javascript framework that excels in the creation of highly-optimized single-page applications. A single-page-app is a fully functional web application that loads all of the critical data up front, smartly leverages caching, and typically relies on APIs to fetch other data in response to user actions.  This is how we built our new JW Player publisher dashboard, using Angular.

Within the dashboard, you can manage everything related to your players, your videos, and your account.  You can create and customize a player, publish content, view your player analytics, manage your account users, and more – all in one place!  By creating the publisher dashboard using Angular, we have been able to modularize our code into smaller applications, making these complex operations super fast to load in the browser. Not only does this user interface load quickly, but this system increases the velocity of our engineering team, so that we can continuously improve our publisher experience – bringing innovative new features to market for you.  With that in mind, we’ve been working on improving key workflows — most notably content publishing and managing player configurations.

Quick Publish

The new Quick Publish module allows you to instantly publish content without leaving the dashboard welcome screen.  Simply drag a local video file or add a web URL into the publish bar, copy your embed code, and you are live!


Player Templates

Within the Players section of the new dashboard, you can now create and save an unlimited number of player templates with your desired configuration options.  Updating player templates is easy to do in the dashboard, and changes are instantly published to all of your live embeds with the click of a button!


Our new dashboard is not only fast and full of exciting new features, but it has been designed by a top-notch design team so that the user interface is modern and user-friendly.  We are proud to bring this innovative experience to you, so that you can take your online video business to the next level.

We are currently in progress of rolling out the new dashboard.  If you are interested in checking it out, email us at dashboard-feedback@jwplayer.com – and be sure to give us feedback!


Allison Stone

Product Manager, Portal