JW Player Pulls Back Curtain on JW Showcase, Free Platform for Publishers to Design Video Galleries in One Easy Step

Press Release 3 min read | Aug 23, 2016 | newbreed


The world’s most widely distributed digital and mobile video solutions company launches first-of-kind one-click free video web app builder to its best-in-class streaming platform.

NEW YORK – August 23, 2016 – JW Player, the leading digital and mobile video solutions company, today released the JW Showcase, a free and open-source video web app builder that makes it easy for anyone to create a video website without writing a single line of code.

JW Showcase can be implemented as a standalone website, or added as a section of your existing website, and provides developers the ability display video content in a professionally designed gallery, or “shelf” page, layout that puts video content front and center. The platform requires no software development skills. Simply copy the JW Showcase files to a web server, edit a single text file to specify branding assets and upload a playlist.

“JW Player is always at the cutting edge of new video technology and continuously strive to provide the best tools for publishers that offer flexibility and control over their owned and operated sites, and JW Showcase continues that mission,” said Chris Mahl, President of JW Player. “As the industry’s only free, out-of the -box solution, JW Showcase is the perfect for customers who do not have deep technical expertise, but want to launch a video service using the world’s best and most popular platform as their video management system.”

While other video companies have paid solutions for this, none of them are open-source and free. Other Key features of JW Showcase include:

  • Built using JW Player and JW Platform services to deliver a great user experience, high-performance video delivery and centralized management of your video assets.
  • Can be branded with your own custom header logo and footer text.
  • Works with any JW Player edition, from Free to Enterprise.
  • Includes two default themes, “Light” or “Dark.” You can tweak our themes or create your own themes by modifying the JW Showcase CSS files.
  • Enables you to add custom HTML meta tags to the site for improved search engine discovery.

Coming Soon

The JW team will continue to add new features to Showcase including: support for signed URLs,
deep video search, data-driven recommendations. JW Showcase will soon also integrate directly into JW Dashboard, enabling users to create rich video websites with just a few mouse clicks. You will be able to have your sites hosted by JW Player or create DNS masks to serve them from your own domain.

We want JW Showcase to evolve quickly but stay focused on only adding features that are most important to our publishers. If there’s a feature you need, create a new issue in the JW Showcase Github repo.

Getting Started with JW Showcase

Create your own JW Showcase site today! See the JW Showcase “Getting Started” section of the JW Showcase Github Wiki for instructions.

“As the go-to video platform for many top publishers and brands, JW Player continues to deliver a great user experiences on multiple platforms (web, mobile, OTT). We believe that every publisher in the world should use JW Player to deliver video,” said JW Player Founder and Head of Product Jeroen Wijering.