How to Write Video Titles that Attract Viewers

Blog 2 min read | Mar 7, 2018 | JW Player


The most effective copy supports intent to watch and boosts play rates

The key to delivering engaging videos starts with enticing media titles. To support an intent-to-watch experience with viewers who choose to click play, you’ll want to draw them in with captivating and hard-to-refuse headlines. We share tips and examples for creating successful titles that pull in the views.

Make Titles Consistent, Vibrant, Intriguing, Helpful



Align titles with the page itself. Consistency matters. Encourage intent to watch by making sure that your headline fits with the article or page where the video resides. Your video should complement the reading experience, not disrupt it.


Put titles on thumbnails. Make your titles vibrant by including them on prominent thumbnails. Some of the best thumbnails combine a large meme-like title with strong colors and a clear focal point (a person/face can work particularly well).


Build intrigue an­­d mystery. Provide just enough information to make viewers want to find out more. Our favorite titles frequently tease the content. This could take the form of a cliffhanger, an unexpected premise, a half-finished micro story, and more.


Answer your viewer’s question. On the flip side of intrigue is offering the direct user benefit. Put yourself in the shoes of viewers looking to learn more about a topic that your video covers. A title that reflects what they’re searching for and captures critical keywords not only makes them click but is good for SEO.


Successful Video Titles

Let’s take a look at some examples from popular videos on the Web.


Mystery / Intrigue

Glam Girlfriend Thinks Her Beau Is Just Getting a Makeover but Then He Did This

One Mom’s Beehive Hairdo Gets a 21st-Century Update

Caught on The Ellen Shop’s Hidden Camera


Answer the Question

How to Make Barbecued Ribs in Your Oven at Home

How Luke Skywalker Became “The Last Jedi”

How to Find the Perfect Foundation and Apply It Like a Pro



6 NBA Teams Who Could Make a Surge in the Second Half of the Season

42,000 Matches Lit at the Same Time



Crocodile Attacks Elephant


We recommend A/B testing to compare which methods work best and then adjust your copywriting strategy. For help with producing copy, consider, the world’s largest market for freelance services, with jobs starting at $5.


Video Titles Improve Recommendations

Beyond attracting viewers and boosting play rates, great titles support stronger video intelligence. The accuracy of recommendations engine depends on publishers titling, tagging, and describing videos correctly. Enticing titles help assess what your video is about, surface more relevant content to heighten engagement, and ultimately lift viewership.


To learn more about increasing your views and play rates, schedule time to talk with a JW Player video expert.


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