The Hidden Source of Video Revenue

Blog 1 min read | Nov 9, 2017 | JW Player


Find It Within Your Website

Psst: Here’s a secret. A key way to increase your video views and enrich your content monetization actually doesn’t involve video at all.

It has to do with the speed of your page. The success of your video strategy has everything to do with how fast your website loads and how well it’s built to run and update content.

Without a quick page, viewers leave at a steady clip. In fact, 53% of mobile users abandon sites that don’t load within three seconds.

How do you evaluate the speed of your site? Try out Google’s PageSpeed tool. It scores your page loads on mobile and desktop, and it recommends speed-up fixes, from browser caching to removing render-blocking JavaScript. It also highlights what your site’s already doing right.

Need more on how to optimize your page for video monetization? Connect with experts through our consultation service JW Demand. We’ll share best practices like how to decrease ad latency and how many ads are ideal for display (five for desktop and three for mobile, in case you’re wondering).

You can also strengthen monetization by updating to JW8. The world’s fastest video player combined with a speedy site equals higher fill rates and CPM.

Don’t lose viewers–and advertisers–to a snail page. If you want to monetize your videos effectively, make sure your site stays breezy.


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