JW Player identified as the #1 top performer for Purchase Data Results during Mediacom-Mars CPG Campaign

Note: This purchase data measurement case study was commissioned by Mediacom-Mars through Nielsen’s integration with The Trade Desk. Mediacom-Mars worked with multiple video PMP partners, as well as video open exchange ad partners for the duration of the campaign in June 2021. After analyzing the results of the campaign, JW Player was identified as the #1 best performing purchase data results. The primary purpose of this study was to analyze offline sales, as determined by conversions (purchases), as well as the gROAS (gross return on ad spend).

The Challenge

M&M’s Minis had produced three commercials and wanted to set up three contextually relevant campaigns to complement the commercials. The challenge for this campaign was to utilize NCS Purchase Data Metrics (NCS) to optimize the campaign toward total sales metrics while abiding by brand safety mandates, all while meeting reach/efficiency goals. The campaign goal was to reach viewability over 70%, and a brand safety pass rate 92% and above.

The Solution

To achieve the #1 best performing purchase data results, Mediacom worked side-by-side with JW Player’s Ad Demand team to create client-specific deals. All deals were curated around specific themes that aligned with the commercials. JW Player applied fixed pricing across all PMPs to lock in rates. JW Player Pre-Bid real time Viewability and GumGum Brand Safety was applied on the Publisher end to add additional cost savings for the customer.

The Result

93.9 % Brand Safety Performance Pass Rate (92% Benchmark)
79.2 % Viewability (75% Benchmark)

JW Player deals drove higher Total Sales PDM metrics than all other PMP partners as well as Open Exchange inventory. All Brand Safety metrics were above benchmark and CPMs allowed for reach goals to be hit.

PDM Sales Performance
Efficiency Index (gROAS): 191
Effectiveness Index (Conversions/Purchases): 201

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