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The Total Economic Impactâ„¢ of JW Player for Broadcasters

SportsNet New York (SNY), one of the top US sports broadcasters, increased ad impressions in the first year by 190% after deploying the JW Player video platform and had an overall return on investment of 135% ($1.76M net present value). Learn how SNY grew their business with JW Player.

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Increased ad revenue by $2.9 million through improvements in audience targeting

Over a 3-year period, SNY significantly grew ad impressions by 190% in the first year and 150% in years 2 and 3.


They did it with enhanced video quality, improved built-in advertising technology, and better access to viewer analytics.

As functionality of their videos improved, so did their ability to scale their video inventory to be sold for advertisements, growing at nearly 10x their previous rate.

These gains add up to a three-year risk adjusted PV of $2.9 million.

Increased video production capacity by 83% and workflow efficiency by 93%

Intuitive end-to-end workflows allowed SNY to decrease the time it took to broadcast a video from 30 minutes down to just 2.

With that kind of efficiency, they were able to reallocate capacity and increase the quantity of videos broadcasted per month from 5 to 30.

Workflow efficiency gains resulted in a three-year risk adjusted PV of $103,600.

Improved video production uptime by 95% from faster service request response

SNY was able to realize significant time savings during the broadcasting process due to JW Player’s responsiveness to real-time video service requests.

Higher uptime = more potential for monetization.

With JW Player, average response time decreased considerably, and for more complex issues, an escalation plan was relayed in less than an hour.

Improved production uptime results in a three-year risk adjusted PV of $19,400.


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"We needed an all-encompassing, all-in-one player [with three key attributes:] time to market, speed of player [and] mobile-first. We wanted a player that we could grow with and JW Player provided that."

Director of Digital Strategy and Platforms | SNY

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