Programmatic Video Advertising

Deliver premium video ads to an already engaged audience using contextual, cookieless video targeting.

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Better Experience

Provide an Incomparable Ad Viewing Experience

Deliver a premium ad experience with the strongest HTML5 web player on the market.

Insert ads directly within the in-stream, primary video player the publisher uses to play their own video content. 


Better Targeting

Build Brand Awareness and Improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Contextual targeting that uses object recognition allows you to deliver attention-grabbing premium video ads without the use of personal data.

With over 3,600 unique contextual data segments available, scaling ROAS has never been easier.

  • 69% of consumers are more likely to look at an ad that’s relevant to the content they are viewing
  • 93% increase in brand awareness (Channel Factory, 2020)
  • 63% increase in purchase intent (IPG Labs, 2020)
Better reach

Expand Premium Video Reach

Capitalize on much wider market access by tapping into a network of 12,000 premium publishing sites with over 50 billion monthly ad requests.

JW Player was the highest performing video partner of 2021, and drove the highest viewability on completion.” – Programmatic Associate Director, Global Marketing and Advertising Agency

Better Viewability

Improve Video Completion Rates and Viewability

Improve video completion rates (VCR) with proprietary technology that identifies and optimizes engagement. 

Maximize viewability with real-time signals at video embed, viewability at plat, and historical page data to increase accuracy.

  • Viewers are twice as likely to watch a relevant video ad to completion
  • 5X higher CTR for contextually relevant ads
  • Relevant ads are proven to drive higher offline sales and online conversions
Better Safety

Ensure the Strongest Brand Safety Score

GARM brand safety certified to ensure the content your ad is running on is brand safe. The content of each video, not the page, is analyzed to ensure a completely safe experience.