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The Total Economic Impact™ of JW Player for Publishers

Learn how JW Player efficiently drives incremental views and costs savings—resulting in significant upticks in ad revenue of +$5.21 CPM and a ROI of 482%.

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Indisputable Results Prove JW Player Helps Publishers Grow Revenue

When examining the total economic impact (TEI) of JW Player with 5 different publishers, it became abundantly clear that video publishers who rely on JW Player would see substantial returns on their investment.


They did it with improved player and advertising technology, which lead to increased ad revenue.

On top of that, JW Player’s content recommendations drove incremental video views and earnings.

Bundle all of that with JW Player’s technical deployment, day-to-day management and solution infrastructure cost avoidance.

Put all that together and you get a Net Revenue Improvement of $5.21 and a Total Cost Avoidance of +$0.91.

The end result for these 5 publishers, who struggled to increase views and overcome technological challenges with their previous video solutions, was an average ROI of 482% and a payback period of less than one month.


JWP has awesome technology, and their products that drive engagement have done wonders for the way people experience video content on our site.

Chris Speziale | Director of Product Management | Insider Inc.

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