Upgrading our Skins Library

Jun 25, 2010


Update: JW7 is now released! Check out our new CSS Skinning here.

You may have noticed that we recently enhanced our skins library by adding a handful of new v5 skins for the JW Player for Flash.

The first batch consisted of 22 JW Player for Flash v5 January 2010 Skin Contest submissions.  While we had previously announced just the winners, we received a number of impressive and creative submissions, and wanted to make them all available on the site.  You can now find them in our AddOns Library.  From Selena (the cheese skin) to Trekkie, they’re all there now.  Check out the rest of the contest skins here!

Next came the introduction of our second Skin-License Bundle, All Skins by FlashSkins. Created by the design shop FlashSkins for the JW Player v5, these are clear, neutral style skins that work well across all websites.  The 12 skins are currently available in our AddOns Library, and you can grab a commercial license from our order page.

One of our recently released and newly featured skins is Glow – a JW Player 5.2 specific skin created by Jeroen Wijering.  It is a simple but slick B&W skin resembling the Quicktime X interface. Glow shows off the new features of the 5.2 player skinning model (custom controlbar layout, detailed font control and buffer icon rotation).  For those of you who missed it, read more about the new JW Player 5.2 features here.

Stayed tuned for another new all-skins bundle, and a few extra third party skin submissions that we’ll be releasing soon.  If you are interested in creating and submitting your own skin to our AddOns Library, we encourage you to do so here!   For help with building your own skin for the JW Player v5, visit our detailed v5 Skinning Support Guide.

Have fun customizing your player!