Recruiting Access


Recruiting Access is a solutions provider for US Sports organizations and events. As part of this they produce and film basketball tournaments, making them available via live streaming and VOD services while also tracking stats, creating highlight clips provided through their partnership with Turbostats and Pass Tha Ball. Their ultimate goal is to give kids with talent a platform to be seen by scouts who can help further their career with scholarships to college. 

Recruiting Access initially began streaming during quieter summer periods when coaches are less able to travel to games and spot prospective talent. It quickly became obvious that the demand for this service was strong. Scouts and coaches being able to see players in action from their own homes and follow multiple events broadened the appeal even further. 

When the pandemic hit, Recruiting Access’ service was a perfectly poised solution to a large-scale problem. This presented an opportunity to increase viewership and generate increased revenue for tournaments, which turned out to be an essential lifeline for event organisers as well as keeping fans and talent scouts connected.


Recruiting Access engaged with InPlayer as they needed to set up a pay-per-view ticketing service to allow fans, coaches and scouts across the USA to access the live streamed games they were filming.

They often produce multiple events each weekend, which can include 20+ courts and hundreds of games, so they required a solution that would give customers a simple and reliable sign up and payment experience.  


Within just 48 hours of engaging with InPlayer, Recruiting Access’ service was live. 

Once a potential viewer arrives on the Recruiting Access or tournament site, InPlayer handles the sign up, payment and customer support processes and makes the revenue available in a matter of hours. Recruiting Access’ previous suppliers could take up to 30 days to release funds, which provided a significant barrier to expansion plans with other tournament organisers. 

And their figures speak for themselves:

Two recent events: PHILLY High School Live and NJ Sparks- The Tune Up, saw  more than 1000 payments processed via the InPlayer Paywall with an 82% conversion rate of users completing their purchase having registered their data. With day passes available and full tournament passes being sold for $35, this generated significant revenue for the tournaments whilst giving access to fans and scouts all over America. 

The games are still on with some upcoming events: 

  • 11/26-28  La Jolla Country Day “Sweet 16”
  • 12/10-12  Gonzaga DC Classic
  • 12/18  Diane Mosco Foundation hosted by Archbishop Wood


Derek McKeiver, Owner/CEO, Recruiting Access

“InPlayer allows us to bring live events to everyone’s home with ease.  Using their customer support and amazing functionality, we will continue to grow despite in-person attendance resumption.”

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