Introducing: Bits on the Run Free

Blog 2 min read | Jul 20, 2011 | JW Player


Update: Bits on the Run is now JW Platform. Check it out here.

We’re excited today to announce the introduction of Bits on the Run Free, a new type of Bits on the Run account which provides a zero cost way for publishers to get started with video. Instead of our previous 30-day Trial Membership, customers can now sign up for Bits on the Run and keep a Free Account… forever.

Bits on the Run Free

Our new Bits on the Run Free Account is recommended for bloggers, individuals and sites just getting started with video. Bits on the Run Free allows users to store and stream their videos at no cost, with full access to the Bits on the Run dashboard – including its player customization options, transcoding system, JW Player plugin support, API and rich video analytics.

What’s in a Free Account?

  • 1 GB of Platform Usage – allowing users to manage a roughly 1 hour video library free of charge.
  • 5 GB of Video Delivery Per Month – which supports about 20 hours of video streaming per month.

Interested? Give it a try! Sign up for Bits on the Run Free.

Bits on the Run Pro

If you’re looking for more than what Bits on the Run Free offers, we recommend you upgrade to Bits on the Run Pro. A Pro Account removes monthly limits and follows our unique Pay-As-You-Go Pricing, meaning you only pay for what you use. Included in a Pro Account is premium support, priority transcoding, an extensive reseller program and more!

We generally recommend a Bits on the Run Pro Account for medium to large sites with an online video presence. Read more about the new Bits on the Run pricing plans, and decide which account is best for you. If you’re unsure of what account best suits your needs, contact us more information.

Ready to Get Started?

Sign-up for your Free or Pro Account today, upload and publish video to your site with ease and get your video workflow rolling! To learn more about Bits on the Run Free, read the official press release here.