How to Create Brand Safe Campaigns with a Programmatic Ad Strategy

Blog 2 min read | Aug 18, 2021 | JW Player


Brand safety is often thought of as a separate entity to contextual targeting. With advertisers primarily using domain block lists and page level keyword exclusion, is video accurately safeguarded?

It’s no secret that safety and suitability is vital to brand strategy.  Many consumers perceive unsafe ad placements as an intentional endorsement by brands. A prominent study found that consumers’ willingness to associate with brands whose ads appeared alongside negative content dropped by 280% after viewing the ad, while their purchasing intent dropped by 200%.

Exclusionary ad strategies, whether at the domain or text level, are often limited in scope and accuracy, especially within the dynamic video medium. With the advancements in contextual technology to understand video content and tone, there has never been a better time to run brand safe campaigns.

Programmatically decoupling the video and page level data enables advertisers to more accurately align with optimal content, and and more accurately avoid unsuitable environments. By analyzing verbal and visual signals, video ad targeting can hone in on mindsets, effectively targeting the inside of the person. Cookie, or identity-based, targeting targets the results in the ad-speaking attributes of a person, targeting the outside of the person. 

programmatic advertising targeting - contextual

Video viewership, more than any other medium, can be the key to understanding content affinities. Advertisers can improve their brand safe targeting by first figuring out what content best aligns with the ad, rather than determining what to block. Domain block lists are oftentimes not comprehensive enough when competing with the rapid speed of what’s being published online everyday.

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