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With the best ad integrations, flexible subscriptions and payments, innovative player tech and expert guidance, you can diversify your revenue streams and meet your business goals. And keep 100% of your revenue.

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Keep 100% of Your Ad Revenue

A recent Forrester study showed that JW Player clients see a 482% ROI. Try out the revenue calculator below and see how much more you could be making.

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Best-in-class Ad Integrations

Optimized for Advertising

No matter what kind of video you produce, your goal is always to maximize revenue. Deliver more ad revenue and higher CPMs with the top video monetization platform.

  • Ad integrations: Work with any video ad server, network or exchange
  • Built-in support for SpotX, Google DFP, Google IMA, AdX, and FreeWheel
  • Broad standards support
  • SSAI and CSAI

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Video Player Bidding

Built-in Innovative Ad Tech

Effortlessly manage and optimize dozens of demand sources with industry-leading ad tech built right in.

  • Patented video header bidding service powered by prebid.js
  • Outstream and instream ad capabilities
  • Live & VOD
  • Offline DRM

Video Player Bidding

Subscriptions & Payments

Build Your D2C Relationship and Power Your Monetization Strategy

Growing your direct-to-consumer relationship is one of the most important aspects of your business. Reach your goals with 1st party data, optimized workflows and flexible monetization models.

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"During the evaluation, we saw an immediate and significant increase in both fill rate and CPMs."

Chief Product Officer | Insider, Inc.

88 % Customers increased video viewing by 10%+ Source: TechValidate
90 % Customers saw team productivity increase by over 10% Source: TechValidate
9 of 10 Companies rate JWP as better than any other video platform Source: TechValidate

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