StreamSport Ireland Provides Client Growth through Live Streaming and Subscriptions

Learn how StreamSport Ireland was able to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic and build new revenue streams that allow them to thrive to this day.

The Results

87 % Increase in Live Events YoY
300 + Live Events per Year
50 + Organization Partners

Founded in 2004, Sporting Limerick set out to become the digital media portal and production arm for all things sport in Limerick.  In 2019 this lead to the formation of StreamSport Ireland,  launched to provide sports leagues, federations and clubs the ability to live stream to fans around the world. This generated  significant subscription and pay per view revenue for the content owners.  Fast forward to today, they work with 50+ organizations including Munster Rugby, Cricket Ireland and 15+ GAA clients.

In early 2020 with fans missing events and sports struggling for revenue due to the pandemic, StreamSport took the opportunity to utilize JWP’s subscription and paywall platform to build new revenue streams for their clients across the Irish sports market. This market continues to thrive today with live streaming complementing in-stadium attendance. It is seen as a complementary revenue stream that takes the content worldwide.

Increase Revenue

“All of our clients have made profits on their live streaming in every season that we've worked with them, some more than others. Some clients are more committed to it, put on more games, spend more time marketing than others, but the clients who are pushing it are definitely making significant money and, and they're very, very happy.”

Raff Rocca | Owner | StreamSports Ireland

Key Challenges JWP Solved

Overcoming technological barriers and time constraints... StreamSport relied on JWP to provide a quick, reliable, and high quality solution for their clients
Turnkey solutions for landing pages, web apps, and paywalls... With the help of JWP, StreamSport has become leading live stream provider for Ireland sports clubs and leagues
Live event streaming done right... With a small staff and over 300 events per year, viewer and customer support is key to the success of each event
Simplifying workflows and video management... Simple, intuitive workflows allow for StreamSport’s clients to execute live streams with subscription paywalls in their own branded experience

Great Partner

“JW has just been a really good company to work with, really good partners. We're delighted that we have them on board as our preferred streaming provider.”

Raff Rocca | Owner | StreamSports Ireland

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