New Report from JW Player: Video Industry Predictions for the Year Ahead

Blog 1 min read | Jan 27, 2022 | JW Player


The previous year was, again, one of unprecedented video growth. Changes in consumer behavior and the continued global challenges related to the pandemic had a profound effect on digital video streaming, broadcast TV, and the continued rise of new & emerging markets. Consumers have ever-expanding ways to browse video content—by medium, channel, content type, and purpose. With the growing increase in demand for video content, media companies have found creative ways to monetize and engage their video streams.

JW Player’s executives share their insights and predictions on the future of video streaming in a new, exclusive report. As the video industry continues to evolve, JW Player is in a unique position to provide valuable industry insights using our data collected from 12,000+ unique media companies and 10 billion monthly impressions. 

Video Industry Predictions for the Year Ahead - JW Player

JW Player’s latest playbook, The Future of Video Streaming: Predictions for the Year Ahead, includes industry insights for publishers, broadcasters, and other media companies.

Here’s a preview of what trends you’ll find in the free-to-download report:



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