How A Digital Publishing Group Increased Workflow Efficiencies Leading to Improvements in Viewer Engagement and Monetization

Implementing JWP video player technology and content management system cleared the bottleneck of long video uploads and processes, allowing this digital publisher to optimize and deliver the best viewer experience.

Thairath Online, A digital arm of Thairath Group, is a leading media company in Thailand which also consists of a newspaper publication and TV Channel. With a creative production team that provides content in diverse formats, Thairath Online’s storytelling goes beyond the articles with video, immersive graphics, interactives and audio/podcasts.

Digital Publishing Industry
Thailand Location
Increase Workflow Efficiencies, Viewer Engagement, and Ad Monetization Use Case
+ 25 % Video Plays
+ 140 % Ad Impressions
2 x Faster Upload Speed

The Challenge

With a vision to deliver a diversity of content in varied formats to Thai audiences, Thairath Online’s content enriches the audience’s experience through innovative storytelling.

The wide range of content pillars that Thairath Online manages requires a robust staff and operational system to publish thousands of pieces of content monthly. Since Thairath Online originated as a television company, they understand the power of video. But, with lofty content goals and a growing staff, it became a challenge to keep up with the pace of content their journalists were producing and Thairath Online had evidence that the bottleneck their in house video tool was creating, was also leading to a loss in viewer engagement and monetization.

Why Thairath Online Chose JWP

As Thairath Online scaled their video content, they needed a solution that would reduce their time to market and an implementation process that wouldn’t interrupt their fast pace of video content production.

JWP offered an easy and high quality video solution to streamline Thairath Online’s processes. Understanding that JWP also offered tools to accommodate lofty engagement and advertising goals, the switch was an easy choice, fulfilling a myriad of business needs for a company with diverse and prolific content delivery.

"There’s no learning curve for our staff because the panel is so easy to use. Our editorial staff said that JWP technology helped speed up their workflow and resolved the bottleneck from the large amount of video we process.”

Sayanan Yaion | | Business Development Manager | Thairath Online

How JWP Responded

JWP’s out-of-the-box web video player offers an intuitive and fast content management system — essential performance for a company uploading over 3,000 videos a month. The easy implementation allowed Thairath Online to keep up with the demands of their content production and viewership.
Thairath Online also took advantage of the Article Matching feature, generating more video plays by suggesting a second video based on relevant context. This increased engagement helped Thairath Online procure additional advertising in which they also streamlined with the ad insertion tool.

JWP helped Thairath Online monetize their advertising (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads) offering all standard advertising formats and a solution to connect with programmatic stack.

“The analytics from JWP have helped us gain valuable insight, we can analyze all placement across the site. For example, which placement would generate a high completion rate and the high ads viewability, those capability of analytics can help us better optimize and deliver our user the best experience.” – Sayanan Yaion, Business Development Manager, Thairath Online

The Result

+ 25 % Video Plays
+ 140 % Ad Impressions
2 x Faster Upload Process

Numbers worth mentioning for Thairath Online

  • Video Play and Article Matching: Article Matching implementation drove a 25% increase in all video plays on the Thairath Online website
  • Video ads: In the first 3 months of using JWP (March-May 2021), ad impressions increased 140% from video plays.
    • 770K video plays and 1.22M ad impressions by enabling both pre roll and mid roll.
  • Video Upload
    • Published more than 3000 videos per month.
    • With multiple licensed users publishing at the same time, Thairath Online’s staff are able to upload multiple videos – 8-10 clips at the same time vs 3-4 clips with the limitations of the old tool.
    • 1-2X faster on video process. For the same length of video it now takes 5-10 minutes to upload a video that took one hour + in the old tool.

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