Contextual Video Ad Targeting is the Best Way to Reach Your Audience. Here’s Why:

Blog 2 min read | Feb 10, 2021 | JW Player


Digital video advertising continues to grow every year. With more screens and more content at our fingertips, finding an audience to advertise to has become both simultaneously easier and yet also more challenging. As the advertising landscape grows, so do the challenges and the opportunities for ad buyers.

Today, viewers spend 2.6x more time on sites with video. There were 232 million digital video viewers online in 2020, according to Statista. As an ad buyer, how do you find the right audience for your brand? How do you guarantee brand safety and reputation?

With the increase in both advertising and advertising spend, advertisers today need new and better ways to reach their best audiences.

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Challenges of Video Advertising 

The Huge Volume of Video Content

Hundreds of hours of new video content are uploaded every minute of every day. That kind of volume of new video content (and an equally dizzying number of video content consumption by users) presents plenty of opportunity for digital advertisers. Video has become so ubiquitous online, ad buyers can no longer ignore video as a medium for their ad campaigns.

Advertisers can and should use this new ad space. It’s a way to quickly engage with their target audience as if it was content they had sought out specifically.

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Showing your ads in brand-safe environments

JW Player works exclusively with publisher-generated content, with our ads served across 12,000 unique publishing sites. Videos on the JW Player network reach a combined total of 10B monthly plays. Presenting ads on a publisher-generated medium rather than user-generated content platforms like YouTube provides more brand-safe opportunities for advertisers.

Brand safety tools for video to date have been based on scanning the text on the page with no review of the video content itself. While this level of protection may be sufficient to ensure the quality of the site, it still leaves advertisers open to running alongside video content on a site they don’t wish their brand to be associated with. Only JW Player scans the video content itself, rather than the page, to ensure the content your ad is running on is brand-safe.

Identifying the target audience

Traditional video ad targeting solutions focus on the content of the webpage. However, video ad targeting from JW Player focuses on insights from the video itself, including content category, viewability, and video completion rate. That kind of customization makes it easier for advertisers to target their most accurate audience in a cost-effective way and at scale.

Due to the existing market, many advertisers today look for audience targeting options rather than behavior targeting. Contextual video ad targeting (a native feature of JW Player’s advertising solutions), however, captures the intent of a viewer rather than the identity of the viewer.