Forrester Infographic: What Are the Savings and Benefits of Using the JW Player Solution?

Blog 1 min read | Nov 15, 2017 | JW Player


Quantifying the financial impact of adopting a new technical solution is extremely challenging. The buying process tasks publishers with complicated product trials, and translating them into real world results is tricky and often unreliable.

Luckily, we have commissioned Forrester Consulting, an independent research firm, to evaluate the Total Economic Impact™ of JW Player and calculate the value JW customers have experienced by using our solution. This infographic highlights the tangible benefits that impact the bottom and top line of publishers using JW Player.


Click the infographic to see more!


If you are interested in learning more about the Total Economic Impact of JW Player, you can read the full report here. Additionally, watch our webinar with Forrester and Business Insider to see how JW Player drives results for real world publishers.


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