Over One Billion Incremental Video Views Generated for Publishers by JW Player’s Recommendations

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The algorithm-based content recommendations engine leverages proprietary data to increase video views by over 45%

New York, NY (September 28, 2017) —  JW Player, the world’s largest network-independent video platform, today announced the significant business results clients are seeing with Recommendations, a tool that enables media companies and publishers to boost organic video views and advertising revenue. In total, Recommendations has generated over one billion incremental video views for customers since its limited release six months ago.

Digital video is rapidly becoming the content format of choice for consumers, forecasted to grow by 20% in 2017 according to Zenith’s Online Video Forecasts. However, publishers often struggle to meet the demand for high quality video content since it can be difficult to determine what video is the most relevant for each individual user. To address this challenge, JW has created JW Engage, a suite of tools to help publishers drive audience growth through data-driven video intelligence. Recommendations is the first tool from JW Engage, which joins JW Player and JW Platform as a full suite of digital video services.

Recommendations leverages JW Player’s massive, proprietary data footprint from over 20 billion monthly video streams on 1.8 billion unique devices to identify highly accurate usage patterns based on network-wide video consumption. Recommendations then uses machine-learning based algorithms to instantly deliver highly relevant and personalized video content recommendations to users based on this profile data. And consistent with the rest of JW Player’s product portfolio, Recommendations are easy to implement with one click in the user dashboard or via API.

Hundreds of publishers including Apartment Therapy and Salon Media Group are experiencing an average increase of 45% in video views and a 32% lift in advertising revenue after implementing Recommendations. The product’s flexibility allows it to fit different customer business objectives, from promoting specific pieces of sponsored content to presenting recommendations in a customized way such as in a player overlay or side widget. Recommendations also saves customers valuable time and resources as the previously manual process of selecting videos is automated by the recommendation engine.

“The success of Recommendations is proof that we are taking a big step forward in helping publishers solve their problem of generating large, engaged audiences that can meet advertiser demand for quality video,” said Dave Otten, CEO and cofounder of JW Player. “By leveraging our network of 1.8 billion devices, JW Player can uniquely understand content consumption at scale and leverage it to make relevant video recommendations. The impact has been overwhelmingly positive and we are just scratching the surface.”