JW Player JavaScript API Webinar

Blog 1 min read | Nov 22, 2010 | JW Player


Update: JW7 is now available. Please check out our new Javascript API here.

The JW Player Team is excited to present their first webinar on the JW Player JavaScript API introduced in the 5.3 Release. Real examples and tips on how to take advantage of the scripting capabilities in the new API are presented in the recorded session below.

Topics discussed in the webinar include:

  • A Brief Overview of the JW Player, and the Major Changes introduced in JW Player 5.3, including HTML5 support
  • The New JW Embedder and Embedding Examples
  • The New JavaScript API and its Capabilities
  • Actions
  • Events
  • Getters
  • Live Scripting Examples
  • Recorded Q&A session

Webinar slides are also available as a PDF at this link. Please feel free to request future webinar topics as a comment to this blog. Enjoy!