How Publishers, Broadcasters, and Brands are using JW Player to Succeed with Online Video

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To better understand how media companies are using digital video in 2021, JW Player undertook a study of publishers and media companies to understand their digital video needs. The responses from the survey found overwhelmingly positive results of JW Player video services and highlighted industry-specific needs for publishers, broadcasters, and online course creators.

The JW Player survey was sent in January 2021 to publishers, broadcasters, online course creators, and other producers of digital video content. The survey received 1,812 responses from 221 companies, including 51% from publishers, 14% from broadcasters, and 12% from online course creators. Using the TechValidate platform (a solution from Survey Monkey for B2B companies), respondents were able to provide honest feedback and opinions on their industry goals for 2021, as well as anonymous reviews of JW Player capabilities. Read the full report at or download a copy of the 2021 JW Player Digital Video Industry Insights report.


Key Findings

The responses from the survey provide valuable insight into market trends across major industries in publishing, broadcasting, and new media. Across the board, it’s evident that as video consumption increases online, so do the needs of creators to increase engagement and viewership.

  1. Increasing video engagement is the key media challenge across all industries
  2. New digital native broadcasters are looking to reach new audiences on new screens
  3. Digital publishers view increasing video ad revenue as their key goal for 2021
  4. Every company is a video company

Digital Video Industry Insights for Media Companies - JW Player Report

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Digital Video Industry Insights for Media Companies in 2021: What broadcasters, publishers, and tech companies need to know to succeed with video

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Selected Results

  • 88% customers increased video viewing by 10%+ with JW Player
  • 90% customers saw team productivity increase by over 10% with JW Player
  • 9 out of 10 Companies rate JW Player as better than any other video platform



Highlights from TechValidate Report

These highlights present data that TechValidate has sourced via direct research with verified customers and users of JW Player. TechValidate stands behind the authenticity of all published data. See the full report here.

JW Player - Better for Advertising Revenue

JW Player - Better for APIs

JW Player - Better than other Online Video Platforms

JW Player - Better for Ease of Use

JW Player - Drives Monetization & Business Growth

JW Player - Better for Video Viewing Experience

What Customers Are Saying

Nine out of 10 companies rate JW Player better than any other online video platform. More than 12,000 brands, web publishers, and broadcasters use JW Player technology to stream, play, engage, and monetize video on their sites, powering over 10 billion monthly plays across 2.7 billion unique monthly devices. See what some of our customers are saying about us below. For more examples of customer success stories, please download our case studies.

JW Player - High Customer Satisfaction

JW Player - Easy to Use

JW Player - High Product Expectations

JW Player - Fuse Media

JW Player - edtech video streaming

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More than 12,000 brands, web publishers and broadcasters use JW Player technology to stream, play, engage and monetize video on their sites, powering over 10 billion monthly plays.

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