Peek into JW Player’s User Research Process

Blog 1 min read | Dec 7, 2016 | JW Player



Any UX practitioners watching the HBO series Silicon Valley may have been screaming at their TVs during season 3’s final weeks. The fictional consumer-facing compression platform Pied Piper launched to dismal daily active user numbers, and viewers saw a perfect illustration of what can happen when no user research or testing is involved in a product development process.

As JW player has transitioned to a software-as-a-service business over the past couple of years, we have thoughtfully expanded our product offering. To make sure we were making great choices for our customers, we embarked on a journey of testing with our customers and users. (We most definitely do *not* make the same mistakes we saw the Pied Piper creators in Silicon Valley make.)

Over at UX Booth, I wrote a case study about how we approached just one of these research projects, on our Real-time analytics tool. You can learn about why we chose remote moderated testing, how we conducted our studies, and get some pointers for doing the same on your own projects. Click here to read the full article.

If you’re a JW Player customer and would like to participate in testing our always-growing analytics suite, let us know!