JW Player Furthers Mobile Strategy with General Availability of Android SDK

Press Release 2 min read | Feb 11, 2015 | newbreed


Publishers can extend audience reach by easily adding video content to any mobile app.

NEW YORK – Feb. 11, 2015 – JW Player, a leading online and mobile video platform and player technology company, today announced that its software developer kit (SDK) for Android is now available for licensing. With consumers already watching an average of 11 more minutes of video per day on mobile devices than on desktop computers, the JW Player SDK for Android makes it easier for developers to engage with new and existing audiences across all Android devices.

The JW Player SDK for Android simplifies the in-app video development process, enabling developers to build JW Player functionality directly into any Android application to expand publishers’ reach to a wider mobile audience. The SDK delivers:

  • Consistent playback of HLS and MP4 video streams on Android 2.3 and later
  • Customizable player skin
  • Fallback HLS provider within the SDK for older devices without native HLS support
  • Support for VAST 3.0 video advertising
  • Extensive testing across geographies and networks, which greatly reduces customer’s development time
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in means publishers who use the SDK can host their content anywhere and retain complete branding control of their app’s user experience

“The JW Player SDK for Android is a key part of our mobile strategy,” said Maximiliano Emmanuelli, COO of ION Microsystems. “We are now able to deliver stunning HD travel videos from around the world in our mobile app and significantly expand the availability of the content to our audience.”

The JW Player SDK for Android is available on an annual licensing basis, giving publishers increased flexibility to create whatever video content they want, monetize it and build it into any app, without being locked into JW Player-hosted content.

“The exponential growth in mobile video consumption and the incredible enthusiasm we’ve seen from video publishers has led to a high demand for the JW Player SDK for Android during Beta testing,” said John Luther, VP of Connected Devices at JW Player. “Our Android SDK provides developers with the ability to quickly implement applications with the full gamut of APIs needed to add video or video advertising to their applications, which can then be enjoyed by their mobile viewers.”

In addition to the JW Player SDK for Android general availability, the company also launched its JW Player SDK for iOS Beta program.

“These releases highlight JW Player’s increasing focus on delivering mobile solutions to publishers as the market demand continues to grow. As a company, we continue to focus on building a platform for publishers that extends the world’s best video player into all the digital channels they leverage to connect with their audience,” said Chris Mahl, President of JW Player.