Webinar: Elevating OTT & CTV Ads with Server-Side Solutions

Server-side Ad Insertion (SSAI) is on the minds of many people with a stake in video advertising. It’s considered one of the most effective ways to overcome the multitude of challenges that lay ahead in 2024 and beyond, such as:

  • Sunsetting of 3rd party cookies
  • Delivering premium ads that match video quality
  • Seamless ad delivery without buffering
  • Ad blocking obstacles
  • Improved targeting and personalization

In JWP’s latest webinar, we discussed how to deliver seamless livestreams without buffering between your content and ads, leading to:

  • Increased revenue
  • Cross-device monetization
  • Audience targeting and content personalization
  • Better engagement
  • Scalable and reliable content distribution

Check out the webinar below!