How Investopedia Used JW Player’s Recommendations Engine to Grow Video Streams

The Challenge

As the world’s largest financial education website, Investopedia reaches a wide range of financial professionals and sophisticated investors. Beyond educational and actionable written content, these users are seeking quality videos that bring financial news and concepts to life. As the appetite for video content increased, Investopedia identified a need for a solution that could support the demand. “We needed a partner who could provide a relevant solution that supported our expanded video offering and ultimately a better user experience,” said Matt Kerr, Director of Revenue Operations.

"When considering other video partners, we found that JW Player’s Recommendations engine stood out as the largest competitive advantage and biggest opportunity for us."

Matt Kerr | Director of Revenue Operations | Investopedia

The Solution

Investopedia selected JW Player to provide related content to its users across its video pages and boost monetization through JW Recommendations. The engine automatically identifies related videos using keyword search as well as viewing activity and aggregates them into a playlist, allowing users to seamlessly view additional content.

"We saw our video advertising revenue double in 2017 as compared to 2016, which was largely due to the success through playlists."

Matt Kerr | Director of Revenue Operations | Investopedia

The Result

50 % Growth in video streams from Recommendations
40 % Percentage of Ad revenue sourced from recommended playlists

By suggesting videos that viewers want to watch, Investopedia gained a sizable amount of incremental video views. The video plays from the JW Player Recommendations engine accounted for about 45% of total video streams across the site and about 40% of video advertising revenue.

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