How Teaching Channel used JW Player’s excellent playback and powerful platform to deliver videos across any browser, format, and partner site.

The Challenge

When it came to delivering videos to a wide range of school districts and third-party partners, Teaching Channel had a serious problem with playback. “We had cutting-edge mobile devices down to computers from the ’90s—a huge set of browsers that used our system,” said Kyle Epps, Director of Revenue Operations. “The main thing we needed was a good player. We were worried about playback.”

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"The thing that I love about JW Player is that you’re one of the few players that lets me play a video on multiple devices and browsers. JW Player just really made that simple for us."

The Solution

JW Player cracked Teaching Channel’s core challenge through its HTML5 player. With an adaptive bitrate that adjusted playback to bandwidth, videos loaded quickly and appeared beautifully on any device. “The thing that I love about JW Player,” said Epps, “is that you’re one of the few players that lets me play a video on multiple devices and browsers.” Beyond excellent playback, JW Player provided powerful customization and syndication support. Teaching Channel could easily license its content to third-party partners and analyze usage to track business operations.

The Result

User experience significantly improved with optimal playback. “When we started working with companies and districts, the thing you didn’t want to hear was, ‘I couldn’t get the video to play.’ I think the biggest thing [about using JW Player] was just not getting that feedback,” said Epps. Additionally, with full control over videos on partner sites, “we’re licensing videos better” and boosting revenue. Savings in time and developer resources were also a huge win. Using fl exible APIs, the publisher could load a couple hundred caption fi les in a few minutes and caption 600-700 videos a month.

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