How NewsMedia drives ad delivery and engagement with JW Player

The Challenge

In 2017, NewsMedia faced an important decision: Stay with long-time video technology partner JW Player or follow the recommendation from its new parent company to switch to an alternative video solution. To continue its rapid growth, the company needed a player that was super easy to use. It needed technology that could address speed, functionality across all devices, and reliable ads delivery.

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"Instead of complicated inefficient technology, which a lot of our competitors use, we go for stuff that works and is ahead of the curve."

The Solution

After a rigorous RFP process, NewsMedia chose to stay with JW Player. The player was “widely usable” and “easy for consumers,” integrating a selection of resolutions, said Joris Bouman, Publisher. The technology was simple to implement and upgrade—software features were already in the player. JW Player integrated with DFP, allowing NewsMedia to manage ad revenue across various screens, formats, and sales channels.

The Result

In JW Player, NewsMedia found “simple technology that delivers,” said Bouman. The company signifi cantly improved ad delivery and engagement after upgrading its JW implementation. Ads loaded smoothly, and the company saw stronger session times—an 8% lift in the first two weeks after updating its player.

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