How Bauer Xcel Media Simplified Workflows for Editors and Developers

The Challenge

For Bauer Xcel Media, running a large video site was a team effort. Its previous video solution had caused many headaches for both editors and developers. Videos transcoded poorly, and editors often found uploads stuck in the queue. The technical team had to find many workarounds. Bauer Xcel Media needed a centralized tool that was straightforward to use and implement.

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"JW Player saves the developers a lot of time, because we don’t have to do debugging anymore."

Julian Wagner | Head of Emerging Technologies and Special Projects | Bauer Xcel Media

The Solution

Bauer Xcel Media migrated to JW Platform in only about three weeks. It was able to import all videos from its previous video solution by simply adding a JSON file via content API. It also used playlists to create a better user experience as well as mobile SDKs. The “player works out of the box” with native apps using the JW embed code, said Julian Wagner, head of emerging technologies and special projects.

The Result

JW Player made lives significantly easier for Bauer Xcel Media’s editors and developers through a much more simplified workflow. The platform was “very easy to implement. It was a no-brainer,” said Wagner because “we can ditch all those workarounds.” In addition, JW Player “saved editors’ time because they no longer had to wait for uploads.” The all-in-one video solution meant that editors no longer had to onboard new employees with extensive training on a previously disparate set of video tools.

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